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by | Dec 24, 2019

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The Many Benefits of Practicing Yoga At Home

Here’s how you can benefit from an at-home yoga practice during the festive season. No teacher needed.

Release yourself from the confines of a set schedule this xmas. Practice at your own pace and at your own time.

When you have the freedom of choice you learn to be guided by and trust your own voice. This is the essence of yoga, an inward process (pratyahara — withdrawal of the senses) we become acquainted with our own innate wisdom through taking the time to tune in and listen to our bodies.

Create a nice space for you where you won’t be interrupted for at least half an hour. Make sure the floor is comfortable and not where you will slide. This practice in your own home will help you gain discipline and will boost your confidence.

Warm up

Supta Baddha Konasana – Bound Angle Reclined Pose (5-10mins) you can do this with strap or without.

Strap Sequence (right leg & left leg)

Lying strap hamstring stretch & lying side stretch

Lying Strap hip stretch

Cat/Cow Stretch (10 slow breaths as you flow in /out of the pose)

Downward dog (5-10 slow deep breaths)

Place both knees on the floor, go onto all fours in a neutral position and step Right Foot out into

Runners Lunge (5-10 slow breaths)

Child pose


Come up onto all fours, step right foot forward then left foot to  meet the right into standing forward bend.


Slowly unfolding vertebrae by vertebrae as you come up to standing position.

Mountain Pose


Wall Sequence

Standing wall shoulder stretch


Standing wall forward bend


Slowly unfold vertebrae by vertebrae until you come to a standing position. Stand into mountain pose (10 breaths)

Then make your way down to the floor for Savasana. (keep warm/put a blanket on) (5-10mins) Take your time as you open your eyes and begin your day. 😊

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