Melbourne Fertility Yoga

Fertility Yoga for Couples & Individuals

(1 hour session or 1.5 hour session for couples)

At Melbourne Fertility Wellness, we can provide fertility yoga for couples, individuals, same sex couples, single parents, egg or sperm donors, and other situations. Each private yoga session offers a deep and rewarding experience, designed to assist you in increasing your fertility path and to conceive consciously using a gentle approach. “Get out of your head and into your essence!”

Our sessions are a gentle practice for anyone who would like to use yoga and meditation to help boost their fertility health and wellbeing, by learning to honour the fertility journey and engaging with practical tools to prepare for conception. You will learn the fundamentals for using yoga to support yourself during your conception journey as well as other methods such as self-fertility massage to improve egg quality.

The Benefits of Fertility Yoga

Tailored: We use a tailored approach that works with your unique body, fertility journey and lifestyle.

Menstrual Health: Understanding the four cycles of menstrual health.

Stress: Learn tools to reduce stress during this time that can be challenging.

Fertility Postures: Learn postures for the four cycles of the month.

Breathe: Learn breath work and different chanting techniques to assist you in fertility.

Meditation: Learn about meditation and visualisation for conception.

Healing Yoga: A practice to help you heal when you have not conceived, assisting with trauma, low moods or anxiety.

Miscarriage: A healing session to overcome loss and trauma.

Hormones: Learn how to decrease stress, lower stress hormones and activate the hormones for fertility.

Rehabilitation: Rehabilitate old injuries or harmful habits.

We hope these benefits help you realise that if you are trying to get pregnant, or looking to enhance your fertility chances, a yoga therapy session could be a great addition to your routine.

Contact us to book a session of fertility yoga for couples or individuals. Call us today on 0431 372 747.

We hope these benefits help you realize that if you are just thinking about becoming pregnant, actively trying, or struggling with the process, fertility massage is a great addition to your fertility health!

Contact us today to book your first session 0431 372 747


What is Fertility Yoga for Couples?

Yoga can be used to boost fertility well-being with the assistance of a trained individual. At Melbourne Fertility Wellness we strive to offer you the very best experience when it comes to fertility yoga for couples. We ensure a tailored approach for not just couples but for individuals, same-sex couples, and single parents also. Yoga is a simple and gentle practice that has exponential opportunities to develop your health.

What is Self Fertility Massage to Improve Egg Quality?

Self fertility massage to improve egg quality has been quite effective for most individuals when the technique is learned from expert individuals. Our fertility yoga along with self-fertility makes one feel comfortable in their journey of conception and pregnancy. There are several benefits of fertility yoga with better egg quality being the most important one. The chances of hormonal imbalance are reduced and one can let go of the stress easily.

Can I Do Fertility Massage Everyday?

Well, you should consult our experienced therapist about fertility massage since every individual needs a customised plan. At Melbourne Fertility Wellness, our professional expert has more than 25 years of experience in various fields like corrective exercise, fertility yoga, classical nutrition, exercise science, etc.

How Do I Get in Touch With Your Experts?

To reach out to our experts you can book a session by calling 0431 372 747 and we will assist you in the best way possible. For the session, you need to visit our studio located at 339 St Georges Road, Thornbury, 3071 and the entrance is on Woolton Avenue, passenger gate.

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