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Do you want to improve your fertility, be pregnant and heal your gut?

Our fertility and abdominal massages may be your best solution.

With 1-2 treatments per mth, you too can achieve pregnancy & optimal health.

Women’s Holistic

Body Work Specialists

Since 1997.

A lifetime of personal experience specialising in women’s health, and a passionate desire to help couples through their conception journey, is what sets MFW apart.

Nora Elsheikh-Henderson has 25 years of experience as a qualified body worker & fertility therapist and has assisted over 20,000 women in their Health needs.

We understand that every woman is unique. This knowledge allows us to offer you the specialised service you deserve. We provide clients with solutions that are affordable, and to help enhance their reproductive system. Melbourne Fertility Wellness offers a clinical and professional setting that maintains the privacy of their clients.

Why choose Fertility wellness by Nora 

 A comfortable and healing experience

Professional and Highly Experienced Therapist

Increase Fertility and Balance Hormones

Outsmart stress with Abdominal Massage & Yoga

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Fertility Massage

Fertility Massage

Fertility Massage is rejuvenating your womb. I see many women in my specialised work and when ever I ask…” Do you know where your womb is?” Most would answer with a No! So, I will gently explain the treatment by explaining to the client the following: The uterus, also called...

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Fertility Yoga

Fertility Yoga

Our Fertility Yoga sessions are offered to women, couples or IVF clients who are planning on having a baby or wanting to become pregnant now. Here at Melbourne Fertility Wellness, we help you understand the difference between the doing of yoga poses and being conscious with...

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Members Summer Home Practice

Members Summer Home Practice

The Many Benefits of Practicing Yoga At Home Here’s how you can benefit from an at-home yoga practice during the festive season. No teacher needed. Release yourself from the confines of a set schedule this xmas. Practice at your own pace and at your own time. When you have the...

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