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Fertility Massage (1 hour treatment)

Supports Conception, Fertility, IVF, egg or sperm donor, same sex couples, single parent or different sex situation. When receiving a fertility massage it can be very beneficial for your overall physical and mental health, as well as your fertility journey.

When reproductive organs shift out of proper position, they can constrict normal flow of blood, lymph and nerve connections. When working with women, I often gently help shift the uterus back into place, homeostasis (or the natural internal balance of the body) is brought back to the pelvic area and surrounding organs. Toxins are flushed, nutrients are flowing and hormones are balanced. This is essential for conception. For best results with Fertility Massage, start the process 90 days before beginning unprotected intercourse. Consider committing to 1-2 treatments per month in conjunction with a self-care routine at home. Receive fertility massage after period and before ovulation. For men they can receive fertility massage anytime.

Benefits of Fertility Massage

Increased Blood Flow and Movement Through Your Pelvis: Special techniques applied to the pelvic region allow the muscles and ligaments to loosen and relax so that the pelvis can move more freely.

Cleansing of Digestive System: The application of castor oil to the abdominal area coupled with therapeutic massage techniques help cleanse the digestive system.

Break Up Adhesions in Abdominal Area: Adhesions can build up from past injuries or traumas, and our massage techniques can help reduce them, specially around the reproductive system.

Hormones: Fertility Massage has proven benefits to balance hormones, specifically increase feel good hormones, and decrease stress hormones.

Helps follicles: Nourishes follicles with fresh blood supply and oxygen.

Menstrual: Helps cysts or fibroids dissolve as well as restore healthy menstrual flow in amenorrhea.

Blockages: Helps to resolve blockages in the fallopian tubes.

Uterine Lining: Improves, tones and cleanses the uterine lining and helps to prepare the body to carry a healthy pregnancy, a key ingredient in the case of frequent miscarriage.

Activate Reproductive and Endocrine System Through Focused Reflexology: We will hit specific points in your feet and ankle to stimulate your reproductive and endocrine system.

Stress Reduction: Stress has a powerful impact on our health, and that includes our reproductive health. Receiving any type of massage has known benefits to reduce stress and anxiety.

Deep Relaxation: How often do you actually relax? Our modern lives leaves little room to just be in the moment where we can take a deep breath without worrying about what is next. It is known deep non invasive techniques applied to the abdomen is very nourishing and often I find my clients have gone into a deep state of relaxation.

For men

Reproductive Organs: Increases blood flow to the reproductive organs

Prostate: Regulates enlarged prostate.

Sperm: Improves sperm (count, motility and morphology)

Digestion: Improves digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Fertility Massage & Fertility Yoga Combo (1.5 hour treatment)

The combination of practicing fertility yoga before a fertiliity massage treatment is powerful in ways that can assist egg and sperm quality. When opening up the body through fertility poses and calming the mind down through meditation, your body becomes fully present and relaxed and ready for receiving fertility massage. The fertility Yoga can be done together as a couple or on your own before the fertility massage treatment. It is a great way to bond together as a couple, to help release stress & tension and create a calmness while on your fertility journey. This combination of treatments allows your body to be fully supported.

IVF Support

Prior to Starting Your IVF Cycle

Your body is a temple of life, which is why I recommend undergoing intensive womb healing before your IVF treatments begin to help prepare your body. For the best results start preparing your body 90 days before beginning IVF. A 90 day approach undertaking fertility massage as well as a self-care routine at home is beneficial for quality results before the egg & sperm join.

During the Stimulation Phase

Uncomfortable IVF side effects are alleviated with abdominal massage & fertility yoga, helping to reduce anxiety during this stressful period.

Fertility Yoga after Egg Collection

Remember what I mentioned about your body being a temple? I recommend IVF patients have a fertility yoga session after egg collection. This may assist to reduce any local tissue trauma or bleeding and also reduce stress.

On the Day of or before Embryo Transfer

I recommend pre transfer fertility massage therapy.

One Week After Embryo Transfer

After the fertilised embryo has been transferred, we recommend fertility yoga & hypnofertility weekly. Research has indicated that fertility yoga & hypnofertility may assist & decrease the possibility of miscarriage.


We hope these benefits help you realize that if you are just thinking about becoming pregnant, actively trying, or struggling with the process, fertility massage is a great addition to your fertility health!

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