Melbourne Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage for Stress

Helping you to leave stress behind, quiet the mind and relax the body, this is a treatment to help you experience a full body massage from head to toe. Whether you have muscle tension, acute or chronic pain, or you just need to relax, our massage for stress is designed to help you restore and rebalance your body and mind. You may also choose to add on a herbal foot soak or a face and head massage to relieve stress. Enjoy a deeply relaxing body and scalp massage, designed to reduce tension and relieve muscular fatigue.

The Benefits of Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage can bring about a range of benefits, including the following:
Health: Improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Stress: Massage for stress can leave you feeling better than when you walked in by reducing your stress levels.

Backpain: Release of sacrum tightness and stretch release.

Insomnia: Improves breathing patterns and lowers central nervous system.

Digestion: Aids with release of wind and gas around the abdomen.

Hormones: Helps to regulate blood flow and balance hormone function.

Muscle Fatigue: Helps to release muscle tension, tightness and stagnation.

Neck & Shoulder Pain: Release of neck and shoulder areas with specific techniques that are non-invasive and therapeutic.

Headache: Head massage helps circulate fresh blood into the area which then relieves tension and stress.

In addition to the above benefits, massage can be used to address a number of other concerns. At Melbourne Fertility Wellness, we can assist with:

  • Massage for trauma
  • Massage for gut and mind health
  • Massage for anxiety
  • Massage for back pain
  • Massage for pelvic pain
  • And more

Massage can additionally be used together with other treatments, such as yoga for healing or exercise therapy.

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If you want to heal chronic pain, benefit from trauma healing treatment or simply relax and unwind, then a relaxation massage is a great addition to your wellbeing routine. Call us today on 0431 372 747 to book your first session.

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