Birthing Ceremony Melbourne

Birthing Ceremony in Melbourne

Our birthing ceremony in Melbourne is a beautiful sacred women’s circle that honours the journey from maiden to mother. It’s a special way for you to celebrate yourself as a pregnant woman. You get to share this experience with lots of love, support and fun with a few of your closest sisters.

This experience is very different to a traditional baby shower, where all the attention and hype is focused on the baby reveal or the baby, gifts, drinks and presents. Instead, our Melbourne Birthing Mother’s Blessing in Melbourne is about honouring the mother and holding the space for you to embark on the transition from maiden to mother, even if you’ve done it all before.

The circle is held before the baby is born and can be organised by the mother or by her friends. Our Melbourne birthing ceremony is an ancient traditional celebration common to many cultures around the world and is offered as a way of blessing the mother before she embarks on the amazing journey of birthing her baby. She’ll feel honoured, loved, supported and filled with encouragement.

What to Expect in a Birthing Ceremony

The setting caters for up to 10 women seated on a comfy cushion and is a 2-hour retreat. The setting is filled with natural rugs underneath for extra comfort, natural lighting, flowers, and natural organic candles. In some of the circles, I have asked everyone to bring a flower, crystal or a small ornament that can be added to the luscious mandala centrepiece that offers a unique alter for the blessing. Along with the authentic healing circle in Melbourne, I offer each woman a belly dance scarf that is used for the feminine belly dance part of the ceremony. The mother-to-be also receives a beautiful floral crown to wear for the gathering as part of celebrating her as the Goddess she is!

Energy Cleansing

Sage and Palo Santo energy cleansing takes place as we all gather into the circle in silence in a seated position onto comfy cushions. I offer a healing ritual on each and every person in the room to share their own birth story, clear any negative thoughts, or ease any fear and doubts they may be carrying.

Heart Chakra Opening

Rose Essential Oil is used to open our circle with a beautiful and heartfelt heart chakra meditation. Each and every woman places a few drops of the oil and is encouraged to smell the oils, allowing it to penetrate through the nose with a few inhalations and exhalations to open up the heart chakra. The heart opening meditation, along with the oil, is most powerful and effective for healing the heart chakra. It helps to open the heart to love and forgiveness as well as reduce stress and anxiety.

Words of Wisdom

Opening our traditional birthing ceremony is a reading of a spiritual offering to the mother and the sacredness of the power of women coming together to link their energies and raise the vibration of the mother’s circle. We share words of wisdom and grace, offering the pregnant woman guidance, wishes and blessings from every woman in attendance and the connection she has with that sister.

Belly Dance Ceremony

The feminine belly dance ceremony is a fun, sensual movement part of the circle. It involves Arabic music, hips and torso movement, laughter and encouraging the secretion of love hormones. The beautiful belly dance scarf that ties around the hips adds to the fun.

Womb Massage

Womb massage is an ancient traditional Mayan method of helping the baby to feel relaxed, safe and ready to birth. This part of the ceremony only takes place if the woman is 37 weeks or over. She sits on the goddess throne while her sisters watch and bless the massage experience. This is a rich and empowering experience where the pregnant woman starts to feel trust and confidence so they can let go.

Red Thread Ceremony

Red thread ceremony is a traditional ritual held in many cultures. The thread is wound around each woman’s wrist and tied to symbolically bind everyone together. It signifies the umbilical cord and collective consciousness. I now lead a guided visualisation of the mother and her birth so that each woman can hold that space for her birth journey. The thread is a symbol of the mother and her birth and gets cut off when she births the baby.

Middle Eastern Pudding

A traditional Lebanese dessert (Kanafeh) will be served as a celebration of the coming birth of a new child in a family. This dessert is dairy based with added pistachios. Depending on the weather, it can be served alongside herbal tea or fresh sparkling.

Closing Ceremony Sound Healing

We gather one last time in the circle to honour the mother and send her off with high vibrational energy through a variety of instruments used for sound healing and the closure of the circle.

Gift Box

A gift box that is filled with personal messages from each woman and a small personal gift from the host is presented to the mother.

Participate in a Birthing Ceremony Today

If you want to participate in a Melbourne birthing ceremony or would like to learn about our other services such as postpartum healing massage, contact Melbourne Fertility Wellness today.

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