Womb Ceremony Melbourne

Womb Ceremony in Melbourne

At Melbourne Fertility Wellness, our womb ceremony in Melbourne caters for YOU the Warrior, the Goddess, the Queen! One of the most empowering things you can do for yourself is get in touch with your soul. This ceremony is for any woman at any stage of her life. Whether you have experienced trauma, abuse, loss or discrimination through a relationship break up, career change or personal transformation, we can help provide the emotional support you need to reignite your self-love and agency.

If you’re looking to cleanse the past, clear unwanted energies lurking in the womb and create space for healing, feminine spark and unconditional self-love, our womb healing ceremony is for you. It is an on-going event held throughout the year. I hold these events quarterly and advertise them on Instagram/melbournefertilitywellness and Facebook/noraelsheikhhenderson.

What to Expect in a Womb Ceremony

Set up in a luscious private temple, our womb ceremony is all about the womb and heart healing and connecting to the divine feminine. A circle of up to ten women is formed in the one event. This could be ten of your closest friends or a gathering to celebrate you and your sisters. You may also participate in a circle of sisters from all over Melbourne, who come together to celebrate and honour themselves. This is a rich and deep healing circle of love, sacredness and healing. We use different tools and rituals to clear the past and dispel fears and limitations that may be preventing you from being your authentic self.

Energy Cleansing

Sage and Palo Santo cleansing takes place as we all gather into the circle in silence in a seated position on comfy cushions. I offer a healing and cleansing ritual on each and every person in the room to clear any negative thoughts or any fear and doubts they may be carrying.

Heart Chakra Opening

Rose Essential Oil is then used to open our circle with a beautiful heartfelt heart chakra meditation. Each and every woman places a few drops of the oil and is encouraged to smell the oils, allowing it to penetrate through the nose with a few inhalations and exhalations to open up the heart chakra. The heart opening meditation, along with the oil, is most powerful and effective for healing the heart chakra to open the heart to love and forgiveness and reduce stress and anxiety.

Words of Wisdom

The womb healing ceremony opens with a reading of a spiritual offering to each and every woman in attendance, celebrating the sacredness and power of women coming together to link their energies and raise the vibration of the womb healing circle. Then we share our stories and offer some guidance, wishes and blessings energetically to help each other heal.

Belly Dance Ceremony

The feminine belly dance ceremony is a fun, sensual movement part of the circle. It involves Arabic music, hips and torso movement, laughter and the secretion of love hormones. The beautiful belly dance scarf that ties around the hips adds to the fun.

Self Massage Ritual

Self-massage is an ancient traditional method taken from the lineage of Mayan Abdominal Therapy. You will learn how to self-massage and feel relaxed, safe and ready to heal. The womb holds many stories, stress, trauma and tension. Self-massage is a non-invasive technique used to ease tension in the abdomen and help you feel re-aligned.

Cacoa Ceremony Sound Healing

Cacao ceremony is a type of shamanic healing – one of the oldest holistic healing practices used in many different cultures all over the world. We will drink the organic cacao drink to help open up the heart chakra and rebalance energies in the body to restore health. Once you’ve experienced a cacao ceremony, you will be filled with love and feel more open and connected to yourself and to others.

Closing Ceremony Sound Healing

We gather together one last time in the circle to honour each woman who participates in the womb and heart healing ceremony, sending our sisters off with high vibrational energy through a variety of tools and instruments used for sound healing and the closure of the circle.

Book a Womb Ceremony Today

If you would like to participate in a womb ceremony or are interested in womb massage for relaxation and healing, enquire today with Melbourne Fertility Wellness. Visit our contact page for more details about how you can get in touch with us.

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