Melbourne Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy (1 hour session)

This private yoga therapy session is for one on one. It offers you a combination of physical, mental and spiritual practices. During this session there may be some head, neck or shoulder massage to release areas of stress and tightness. A combination of organic essential oils mixed with an organic carrier oil is applied to the area so you can feel an instant release and drop into a state of calmness.  A tailored approach  to meet your wellness needs is considered and you also have a take home program to continue your healing and strength outside of the private session. If you are suffering from any health problems or disease then consider Yoga Therapy and begin to heal yourself.

Benefits of Yoga Therapy

Empowerment: A session to help you feel empowered by progressing toward your health and wellbeing.

Alignment: Correction of posture work, body adjusting to help you move freely and alignment to help your body come into balance.

Breathe: Learn the tools to breathe properly and also learn different styles of breath work that can assist you at different times in your life.

Relaxation: Feel and experience the true art of relaxation, calmness, blissfulness and peace.

Nutrition: Advice on diet and nutrition to suit your lifestyle and also the change that you want to be.

Mindfulness: Learn the true art of meditation, positive thinking and compassion.

Treatment for Problems or Disease: Heart issues, Back Pain, Arthritis, Asthma, Sinusitis or Hay Fever, Head Ache , Hormonal Issues & Menstrual Issues.

We hope these benefits help you realize that if you are just thinking about becoming pregnant, actively trying, or struggling with the process, fertility massage is a great addition to your fertility health!

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