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Induction Massage Melbourne

If you’re looking to naturally encourage labour from 37 weeks, then this treatment is ideal. It’s the perfect combination of Swedish massage, relaxation, essential oils, castor oil packs and acupressure to stimulate the body’s natural progression into labour. While lying on the table I will apply pressure to key pressure points including on your legs, feet and hands to stimulate labour and also calm the body and mind. The essential oils and castor oil packs I use can be effective at stimulating contractions in the uterus. These can also be taken home to continue the effectiveness of your treatments.

Benefits of a Labour Stimulating Massage


What is involved in a Labour Stimulating Massage?
The massage pressure is generally on the deeper side, and with more direct pressure throughout the session. The massage is non-invasive and I use techniques that are safe for you and your baby. I am highly trained in how to work with your body to engage common reflexology points, and I marry that knowledge with essential oils that are known to help trigger various aspects of labour. I support your body with stretches to open your hips and stretch your back to allow your body to become more prepared for the onset of labour. Lastly, I finish the massage with external application of castor oil to help you feel some of the medicinal benefits of this ancient oil and how powerful it is.

Prior to your session while your feet are soaking in a warm foot spa, I will go over each aspect of the massage, and learn about your needs and preferences to be sure to provide the customized session that is best for you. This is the time for you to ask any specific questions about all of the various aspects of the massage as well as tell me your preferences when receiving bodywork. Furthermore, I want you to feel completely comfortable with everything, and will happily be at your service and ensure you receive the best possible massage for you.

Benefits of relaxation during induction massage
As a women’s therapist, i believe the best way to start labour is to relax mentally and emotionally. And with the greatest benefit from any massage being the relaxation aspect, the 75 minutes of uninterrupted self-care can have wonderful benefits for not only your mind and body, but also for preparing for birth.

When your baby has past his or her estimated date of delivery, or you are facing a deadline for birth to occur due to a medical reason, it can be very stressful. A massage at this point provides you a chance to get out of your head, and relax.

Labour Stimulating Not Labour Inducing
The distinction is very important to note as your massage therapists I am not a medical provider. I cannot induce you. I cannot take the place of a medical induction. I cannot simply touch a few magic points and guarantee that contractions will begin. I can however help your body and mind become more relaxed and prepared for labour.

Speak with your Medical Providing Prior to Receiving a Labour Stimulating Massage
As always, I recommend that you talk with your medical team prior to receiving a labour stimulating massage. Most individuals do not have any reason why a labour stimulating massage would be problematic, but having your doctor or midwife’s verbal permission to proceed is vital. Just as any other natural interventions can impact when and how labour will start, a labour stimulating massage does the same thus being in open communication with your medical team is important for you and your baby’s health and safety.

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What is Induction Massage Treatment?

MFW offers you a labour stimulation massage that is gentle and non-invasive and a way to prepare your mind and body for labour and birth. It helps to stimulate the birthing hormones needed for labour and encourages the way for your baby to be birthed and for you to have a smooth transition into labour.

Induction massage treatment is the best way to prepare for childbirth and labour as the real situation of childbirth becomes much easier to handle. The massage treatment is done in a way that whole of the body is stimulated due to the therapist’s highly specialised knowledge of reflexology points. Also, the process of massage stimulates labour and does not induce it. Since every individual is unique and hence our therapist understands your preferences during the foot spa session before proceeding with the actual therapy.

What are The Benefits Of Pregnancy Induction Massage?

The massage therapist at Melbourne Fertility Wellness is experienced in pregnancy induction massage and understands all the procedures to do pregnancy induction massage safely and effectively. The procedure is ideal if you are seeking a way to encourage labour from 37 weeks. The therapist uses products that ensure proper stimulation of the contractions of the uterus thus making labour far more relaxing.

Why Should One Choose Your Labour Induction Massage Treatment?

We have the best therapist with more than 25 years of experience in handling such issues and know the perfect way to offer such customised labour induction massage service. The therapist ensures that the back of the body is stretched enough to prepare for labour more easily.

How to Book The First Session?

If you are looking to book the first session with us then you can do so by booking online on our website or calling us at 0431 372 747. We will be more than happy to assist you in your labour and child birth journey.

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