Melbourne Post-Natal Massage

Post-Natal Massage in Melbourne

Do you want to regain a sense of wellbeing as a new mum? Relax massage therapy might be just what you need. Melbourne Fertility Wellness offers post-natal massage in Melbourne that can help specific areas in your body by bringing relief to where it’s needed most. The treatment offers your body time to recharge and renew areas that may be tense and stressed. You will experience a relaxation-based massage using organic essential oils from head to toe. You will get to soak your feet in a foot bath with herbs prior to the massage and fall asleep on a warm massage couch.

The Benefits of Pre and Post-Natal Massage

Muscles: Relax massage therapy can offer musculoskeletal and circulatory benefits through low to medium strokes applied to the body.

Stress: Decrease in stress, anxiety and low moods.

Hormones: Improvement and balance of hormonal function by reducing cortisol, anxiety and low moods.

Backache: Release of back pain and muscle tension.

Insomnia: Improves breathing patterns and soothes the nervous system.

Blood: Improves blood lymph circulation and eliminates toxins.

Ligaments: Helps to release and strengthen uterine ligaments while increasing fresh blood to the pelvic region.

Digestion: Improves digestion, relieving constipation and gas.

Connection with You : Soft belly massage helps you connect to yourself again and feel comfortable within your own body.

Want to experience the above benefits? Arrange a post-natal massage in Melbourne today. It’s the ideal way to enjoy some relaxing time just for you! Contact us today to book your first session on 0431 372 747


Why Pre and Post Natal Massage are Important for Women?

Both stages are quite stressful moments in women’s life in physical as well as emotional ways and hence pre and post natal massage is quintessential for women. At Melbourne Fertility Wellness, our experienced professional can ensure that your body is capable of handling the situation using a non- invasive massage that ensures holistic development of women’s health. Issues like strengthening uterine ligaments, balancing hormones, etc are very important.

Is Relax Massage Therapy Similar to Post-Natal Massage?

Well, relax massage therapy is geared towards offering holistic well-being of women while post-natal massage is designed for women after childbirth and takes into consideration many other factors. We at Melbourne Fertility Wellness offer both types of massages as our therapist is professional and experienced in the fields of classical nutrition, reproductive massage therapy, relaxation massage, etc.

How Can I Increase My Fertility Chances?

Regular fertility massage is done by a professional expert with years of experience in this field and have delivered stellar results. Over the years we have helped many women with their various women- specific problems like pre and postnatal issues and support conception and fertility. Also, if you require better sperm and egg quality then consider going for fertility yoga before fertility massage the combination of both is very effective.

I’m Interested! How to Book Your Post Natal massage Melbourne Session?

To book your post natal massage Melbourne session reach out to us at 0431 372 747 and we will help you out. You can consider getting the booking done online as well through our website.

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