Melbourne Post-Natal Massage

Post-Natal Massage Benefits

Time to regain a sense of wellbeing as a new mum. Post-Natal massage helps specific areas in your body by bringing relief to where your body needs it most. The treatment offers your body time to recharge and renew areas that may be tense and stressed. You will experience a relaxation-based massage using organic essential oils from head to toe. You will get to soak your feet in a foot bath with herbs prior to the massage and fall asleep on a warm massage couch.

Benefits of Post-Natal Massage

Muscles: The massage can offer musculoskeletal and circulatory benefits by low to medium strokes applied to your body.

Stress: Decrease in stress, anxiety and post-natal depression.

Hormones: Improvement and balance of hormonal function by reducing cortisol, anxiety and depression.

Backache: Release of back pain and muscle tension.

Insomnia: Improves breathing patterns and soothes nervous system.

Blood: Improves blood lymph circulation and eliminating toxins.

Ligaments: Helps to release and strengthen uterine ligaments while increasing fresh blood to the pelvic region.

Digestion: Improves digestion, relieving constipation and gas.

Connection with You: Soft belly massage helps you connect to yourself again and feel comfortable within your own body.

We hope these benefits help you realize that if you are wanting to saviour some relaxing time just for you then post-natal massage is a great addition to your postpartum journey!

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