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Fertility Yoga

by | Oct 19, 2021

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Our Fertility Yoga sessions are offered to women, couples or IVF clients who are planning on having a baby or wanting to become pregnant now. Here at Melbourne Fertility Wellness, we help you understand the difference between the doing of yoga poses and being conscious with your yoga practice. Conscious Conception yoga gives you the choice to plan and create conception in your cell membrane before the pregnancy actually takes place.

This is a holistic practice where a woman or couple gain a deeper understanding of the women’s cycles and increase the repertoire of postures and therapeutic poses that support fertility. We are here to support you emotionally and help you face fertility challenges through fertility meditation and hypnofertility.

What can you expect from a fertility yoga session?

We work around your IVF commitments and time your sessions to fit in with your procedures. The fertility yoga sessions work beautifully around these times helping you feel at ease.

There are different sequences to fit with your different phases of your fertility journey.

You will experience fertility meditation, that help you create a positive mindset more open to conceiving a baby.

We use affirmations during yoga nidra, creating one that aligns with you and how to bring it into your daily practice.

We work with menstrual disorders, so a practice to suit your issues and help you navigate through these challenges and ideally have a healthy menstrual cycle.

We connect and allow you to share your fears or thoughts on how you are feeling about your fertility journey. And then tailor our meditation to help with these emotions.

Creating space for you to connect with the soul of your baby and optimising a woman or couple’s health before conception.

Yoga Nidra&Hypnofertility is part of your practice and this helps to “call in the soul’ of the baby. This beautiful practice

Benefits of Fertility Yoga:

This beautiful practice helps you regulate and have balance in your endocrine system, increasing fresh blood flow to your pelvic region. To help you have healthy reproductive organs. This practice will help you feel refreshed and physically and emotionally balanced. You will feel less stressed and become more present in your journey.

The feelings of less stress and anxiety are paramount during your fertility journey.


  • A decrease in stress and anxiety
  • A beautiful bond between your body connection and mindset
  • Increase in your libido
  • Enhances a feminine approach to your life
  • Creating space for your body to connect to her soul
  • Nourishes your nervous system to calmness
  • Creates a balance in your hormones
  • Enhances your endocrine system so it can regulate your sex hormones and reproductive system
  • Creates a vision for you to see yourself as a wonderful mother
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