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To the beautiful women I know and to the women I will meet, it is with elation I welcome you to the work I love so much – a private healing sanctuary, Melbourne Fertility Wellness. It is my honour to share with you my love and passion for women’s holistic body work. I have over 25 years experience as a women’s wellness practitioner and one of the few MIzan Reproductive Therapy Practitioners in Australia. These techniques aim to support reproductive health, menstrual disorders, digestive issues and trauma. I have also received training in advanced techniques in women’s yoga, fertility yoga & hypnofertility which are specific for women wanting to heal and nourish themselves. I offer a very luscious, nurturing and physically effective massage and restorative treatment.

My passion is to assist you in your healing journey, whether you are faced with reproductive issues, digestive issues, menstrual disorders or trauma. The healing is a precious gift for yourself and your own body that is unique. I believe a healthy approach to diet, lifestyle and a positive attitude to achieving optimum health is a key factor in your wellbeing goals. I offer a speacialized space in fertility and I am very supportive of all women, couples, same sex couples or a single parent including those with additional challenges such as recurrent miscarriage.

As a women’s body work therapist, I offer you a sacred treatment that offers your body healing and cleansing. I am qualified in exercise science, classical nutrition, women’s yoga, fertility yoga, relaxation massage, reproductive massage therapy, pregnancy, antenatal and post-natal massage, reflexology, hypnofertility , corrective exercise , yoni steaming and castor oil healing.


Much Love, Nora

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