Really amazing. Beautiful wordings, calming voice during sessions.

Her expression and attention towards the client.

Releases old knots.

Got relief from my chronic back pain.

Got more understanding about my nature of my body.

As an exercise coach she is more trustworthy, grounded and most importantly a good combination of experience and knowledge of the subject.

I Would like to work with Nora in future for Retreat programs.

Aum Yoga & Ayurveda

- Dr. Khusdil Chokshi

Nora is very a experienced physical trainer and yoga teacher and it comes through in her practices with her knowledge of the body and mind. Her focus is on the female body and this has been wonderful for my experience. I leave every session feeling mentally and physically set up for the day, my sleep is much better, and my anxiety is lower. I recommend Nora because I feel so much better from taking her class each week so im sure others would to. I love the hip openers in her classes!

- Namaste, Shakandra Weinberg

My experience with Nora has been encouraging, motivating and health wise very beneficial.I especially like the relaxed atmosphere Nora creates, and I enjoy not feeling intimidated or inferior if I cannot do or remember some of the poses.

The three main benefits I have had with Nora is

1. to love your body the way it is,
2. the calmness I experience whilst doing the yoga ( and try to use during the week)
3. being able to share the stretching exercises with my children to encourage them to be more in tune and listen to their bodies.

I would certainly recommend Nora to anyone as her enthusiasm is contagious and makes your feel so much better for doing her class, and the calmness that Nora exudes throughout the session permeates into your thoughts and gives you wonderful energy and vitality to have a great day.

Nora’s classes are a wonderful routine for women of all age groups to come along to, enjoy, participate and learn how to improve their body.

- Sally Kerin

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