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Pelvic Care (Yoni Steaming)

by | Feb 20, 2022

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Pelvic Care or Yoni Steaming? What is it? Women squirm at the idea of steaming their vagina. Here is the ground-breaking news…If you want to find your inner-power, spirit and joy then you will find it when you go onto a journey of deep inner healing.

As a Holistic Women’s Body Therapist, I invite every woman to journey deep into the heart of her female body, to her soul, and the root of all womanhood. We all carry stories and sometime stories from our mother and her mother. Through these experiences, and visualizations, and inner work, the wisdom arising from the female body has been distilled into this practice for us to explore the feminine nature as never before. 

Based on my work in womb therapy as a women’s health therapist, I have created a whole new way of discovering the female form.  From my experience of over 20 years in women’s health, I work with the female energy system to provide a safe space for her to explore her creative nature: her inner soul and feminine energy.

I help women become aligned and work deeply on their pelvic bowl to help them in feeling restored and access the feminine withing their body.  Along with their treatments, I guide a woman to experience pelvic steaming as part of her self-care ritual. 

Pelvic steaming helps a woman feel grounded, change core patterns that may have diminished her radiance, and receive healing and calmness from her own inner power. It is a powerful and sacred healing practice for better sex, self confidence and love.  It is a divine method of balancing your sacral chakra, as well as giving you wisdom to delve deeper into your inner feminine.

Some women experience deep trauma, an unbalance of energies or even deep internal stress. I feel that women and womb carriers have the ability to do that, and women do this more times than they realize.  In my middle eastern culture, they name the womb “Bayt el Rahim” which translates as “The house of compassion”.

Why do I mention the womb in this topic? It is a fact that womb healing is connected to pelvic healing. You cannot do the work on one part and not the other. Pelvic healing is about connecting to yourself, your womb and your core.  Let me give you an example! You could breakup from a relationship and say, “I feel new and this is the new me” Most of us women have experienced this in our lives, in convincing ourselves that the woman you became in that relationship is now gone. That you need a whole new look, lose weight, different hair, and maybe travel.”

However, all the energies are still there! They are trapped in the pelvic bowl, your vagina. So, this step to transform, to shift energies to feel vibrating again is after you consider a Yoni Steam! This healing practice will help lubricate the transitions in your consciousness and helps trapped trauma to release and rebirth in its reality with ease. 

Seeing women transition after their vaginal steam experiences fills my heart with gratitude and hope that I am put on this planet to heal and help women find their inner feminine power.

“May you be guided when you wake the root chakra within you and pave the way for the goddess in you to take charge”.

Much Love,

Yoni Practitioner Nora

Much Love,
Yoni Practitioner Nora

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