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4 Misconceptions about Pregnancy Massage

by | Jun 15, 2022

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Pregnancy can be a physically and mentally demanding experience. Major fatigue and unpredictable or confusing emotions are common occurrences as the body responds to new and changing hormones. Over the past two decades, pregnancy massage in Melbourne has become increasingly popular for women who are seeking a therapeutic treatment that soothes the body, calms the mind and restores the spirit. There are many benefits, from inducing relaxation, relieving tension, alleviating pain and boosting circulation to balancing hormones, improving breathing patterns and boosting digestion. However, a few myths and misconceptions continue to circulate about pregnancy massage, some of which this blog aims to debunk.

Misconception #1 – Massage Causes Miscarriage

Some women have expressed fear that a massage increases the risk of a miscarriage. Let’s be clear: there’s no evidence to suggest that a relaxing massage threatens an unborn baby at any stage of its pre-natal development.  

Foetuses are surrounded by layer upon layer of muscle and other protective tissue (in addition to the amniotic sac and fluid), protecting them from potentially harmful movements and pressure. If the patient remains comfortable and the pressure applied never exceeds what they would use themselves, a massage is perfectly safe.

On the contrary, a massage can be extremely helpful for pregnant women who are carrying muscle tension and tightness. The treatment is designed to soothe by loosening tight skin and muscles, releasing the diaphragm and allowing the patient to breathe more deeply.

Misconception #2 – Massage Induces Pre-Term Labour

The third trimester is often a physically and mentally demanding time. Hormone levels are in flux and physical discomfort can increase as the baby grows in size and the body undergoes changes to prepare for birth. Some believe that massage can speed up the process and get things over with sooner rather than later, but this is untrue, as massage cannot induce labour. However, a pregnancy massage in the northern suburbs of Melbourne can relieve physical and emotional tension, ensuring that natural hormones and other bodily functions can fulfil their roles without any interference. Your baby will come when it’s ready, unless you’re medically induced.

Misconception #3 – Pregnant Women Can’t Lie on Their Belly

A prevailing misconception about pregnancy massage is that getting a pregnant woman to lie on their belly can be harmful to them and their baby. As a matter of fact, studies have routinely shown that they can assume many different positions with no lasting consequences. Pillowing techniques and supports can ensure proper alignment and reduce ligament strain regardless of position. Only extended periods of lying supine can have a detrimental effect, and only insofar as it can cause temporary low blood pressure due to the weight of the uterus and baby. Comfort is always the most important indicator, so with sufficient supports, lying on the belly is perfectly safe.

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