Melbourne Women’s Yoga

Classes held at Nora’s private home studio in Thornbury every MONDAY & THURSDAY 9.30am-10.30am.

Casual $25 or 10 Class Pass $200 (conditions apply).

All props are provided.

Women’s Yoga (1 hour group yoga class)

Melbourne Fertility Wellness offers a feminine practice for women of all levels of their yoga journey. This practice has been inspired from my own yoga experience and over a decade of inspiring women in their wellness journey. I am delighted to be empowering women of all ages and life stages. My passion is to offer you a practice that bathes you in emotional and physical wellbeing.

This practice is a combination of flowing yoga postures, breathing, relaxation and meditation. My particular areas of interest are correct body alignment and instruction that is clear and safe. This practice is to assist you in feeling your feminine body and building your strength, flexibility, mindfulness and emotional balance to be able to appreciate your beautiful self. 

Benefits of Women’s Yoga

Postures: A practice combining restorative or flow yoga postures, breathing, relaxation and meditation.

Body Alignment: Correction of body alignment and adjustments are applied by your yoga therapist to ensure safety.

Rehabilitation: Rehabilitate old injuries or harmful habits.

Trauma: Heal from trauma, depression or anxiety.

Strength: A combination of strength and energy work to help you stay supple, resilient, energetic and emotionally balanced.

Emotional: Learn how to be in the now, ways to nourish yourself, create calmness and raise your spirits.

Confidence: Learn tools to learn relaxation techniques and build confidence in yourself.

Balance: Experience yin and yang practices of different yoga styles.

Digestion: Nourish yourself through breathing techniques to help you improve your digestion, posture and persona.

We hope these benefits help you realize that if you are just thinking about becoming pregnant, actively trying, or struggling with the process, fertility massage is a great addition to your fertility health!

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